Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Nakam (Ex-Nihil Baxter/Hysterese) - Demo Tape // Hans-Dieter X - Demo Tape OUT NOW!

Hans-Dieter X - Demo Tape
HARDCORE-PUNK / THRASHPUNK - New Thrashpunk band out of Darmstadt. 13 songs incl. some covers of SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, NIHIL BAXTER and ALARMSTUFE GERD. Premium! Handnumbered and limited to 100!

Buy Hans-Dieter X - Demo Tape at the Spastic Fantastic Hardcore / Punk Shop

Nakam - Demo Tape
HARDCORE-PUNK - Giftig, brutaler HC-Punk aus Tübingen mit Leuten von NIHIL BAXTER, DERBY DOLLS und HYSTERESE. Konnte nur geil werden und das Demo Tape haut mich ma voll aus den Latschen! Kommt in bezauberndem Pappfolder!

Buy Nakam - Demo Tape at the Spastic Fantastic Hardcore / Punk Shop

Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Cheap Drugs (Ex-Vogue) - st Tape OUT NOW!

Cheap Drugs - st Tape OUT NOW!!!

Eighties throwback with members of the late Vogue and Silver & Gold and for friends of bands like PISSED JEANS, early CEREMONY or NO CLASS. Ass kicking, face punching, flesh biting hardcore for mean people by mean people. Get this while its hot, only 150 made!

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Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Pusrad / Planner / Toleranzgrenze

Yeah, long time nothing heard from the Yakuzzi headquarter, so heres some bigger news this time. This evening I made nearly everything ready for the next three tapes, while uploading the first graphic and audio data for the tape company. Namely these few tapes will make it into your hands in the next few week:

New band with NIHIL BAXTER Jo on the front, but already dead. Here are their debut / funeral recordings, limited to 150 pieces. Think NXB, just crappier, more attitude, less speed, way more beer.
Listen here:

Co-Release with my mate Bäppi from Human Parasit by this newish band from northern Germany. PLANNER, simple, powerfull and straight melodic punk with a clear hardcore edge.
Listen here:

More than 30 songs in around 10 minutes.  Rubbish? I don't think so. If you're into fast and snotty hardcore punk from Sweden throw away your ExTxAx, DS13 and BRUCE BANNER records and get into stuff less progressive rock than these maybe charming bastards from the past. Here's PUSRAD from the future, where hardcore punk doesn't have to be a minute long. This tape will be limited to 200 handnumbered editions, combining the records Dömd 12'', Akta Dig 7'' and Smarttrams 7''.
Listen here:

Also in the making: THE TOYOTAS - Collection Tape / THE METRIC EYES - Demo Tape / CÜLO - Collection Tape 

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

The Baboon Show - The Juvel Collection 2x Tape Box (2nd run) OUT NOW!!!


The long awaited ultra limited wooden boxset including a full discography of Swedens finest 60s garage / 77s punkrock outfit THE BABOON SHOW for all you fanboys n girls.

Whats in it?
- screenprinted, handnumbered wooden box with golden lock
- The Juvel Collection I Tape, screenprinted in a thick 250gramm folder
- The Juvel Collection II Tape, screenprinted in a thick 250gramm folder
- one of three limited 2,5'' buttons
- 4 colored booklet with interviews and tourdiary
- download card for the MP3s
53 songs in round about 2 hours full of insanity. All songs of their past LPs "Dont, Dont, Dont", "Pep Talk", "Betsy's Revenge", "Best Of The Baboon Show", "Punkrock Harbour", songs from the singles "Boredom Go Away!", "Faster Faster Harder Harder", "Money Money Money" and several bonusongs! AYakuzzi Tapes / Spastic Fantastic / Humanparasit production!

Nihil Baxter - The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly Tape / Short Days - Demo Tape OUT NOW!

Maybe not the newest informations, but hey, maybe you missed it
to check out two of our latest tape outputs:

Nihil Baxter - The Bad, The Worse And The Ugly Tape    

Since their first rehearsel back in 2007 our fastcore heroes of NIHIL BAXTER recorded several rough demo songs for their upcoming releases like the final demo tape, the splits with ALARMSTUFE GERD and HENRY FONDA and of course their st 7''. Additionally you get some nice cover songs of bands like R.A.M.B.O., MINOR THREAT, OPD, PROJECT X, SPAZZ, CRO-MAGS and the BEASTIE BOYS. Everything as authentical as punk can be! 75 SONGS IN 56 MINUTES! Limited to 150 pieces, all twosided stencilled on multicolored tapes incl. 250 gramm cover sheets, no downloadcode. Co production with Knochentapes!


Short Days - Demo Tape

New band from france, that really kicks that much ass, you won't believe your ears. 80s hardcore a la SOCIAL CIRCKLE, RED DONS or OBSERVERS with a slightly 7 SECONDS touch. Catchy as hell, punk as fuck, diy or die, buy the shiaaaat. Impressive debut tape, that I would love to hear from a 7Inch, but tapes are pretty oldschool too and you can listen to it anyway.


Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

Irritones - Negative Dots / Night Stalkers - Demo Tape OUT NOW!

Irritones - Penis Romantique Tape

Yakuzzi Tape Version of the new Irritones LP, currently out on PTrash Recs! Of course, their 2nd longplayer is an incredibly earcanding hitmachine, what you expect from a band, consisting of ex band members from THE HATEPINKS and AGGRAVATION. First class 77s rocknroll snotpunk with a dynamic fast forward songwriting between sweet melodies and classis headcrushing stompers. This are 8 times, the Irritones, we all love them for + 2 covers, one from germanys ABWÄRTS. 150 tapes, 75 green, 75 white in premiumcovers with downloadcode.


Night Stalkers, The - Demo Tape

NIGHT STALKERS from BREST out of the ashes from THRASHINGTON DC with its sensational 7 track demo tape. Hardcore Punk like it should be. Fast, raw and angry! Think of FUs, JERRYS KIDS or current bands like CAREER SUICIDE or REGULATIONS. You wont regret it, trust me! Limited to just 100 red tapes in black cases!